Call Out for Volunteer Lawyers

On January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airline Flight 752 (PS752) was shot down shortly after takeoff, resulting in the tragic death of 176 civilians, 57 of whom were Canadians. As the country mourns the loss of Canadians on Flight PS752, efforts have been underway to ensure the victims’ families receive the legal support they need.

As announced today by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Department of Justice has asked Pro Bono Ontario (PBO) to set up a dedicated national toll-free help line to provide and coordinate just-in-time legal assistance to victims’ family members.

As part of this initiative PBO and the Iranian Canadian Legal Professionals (ICLP) have entered into a partnership to help facilitate the recruitment of Farsi-speaking lawyers to provide legal assistance to victims’ families on a pro bono basis.

We call on lawyers from our membership, preferably those that are Farsi-speaking, to contact us if they wish to get involved with this great initiative to assist the families of victims with their legal inquiries at this tragic time.

We are looking for volunteer lawyers who have expertise in the legal areas outlined below and are willing to provide their services on a pro bono basis to assist with a variety of legal issues that have risen or may arise as a result of the families’ loved ones’ untimely deaths, including:

  • Victim compensation fund claims;
  • Income support claims;
  • Insurance claims;
  • Estates matters (e.g. estate administration; dealing with intestacy);
  • Family law matters;
  • Landlord/tenant matters;
  • Employment matters (e.g. leaves of absence); and
  • Immigration matters (e.g. if the deceased were family sponsors).

Please e-mail and provide a description of your background and indicate which area(s) of law you would like to provide pro bono services in.